Saturday, March 13, 2021


Planning everyone can do, but the execution-only few can do. In everyone's life, they plan to achieve something, to reach their goal they are planning to do something they are waiting for the good to flourish, but if you want to achieve, but everyone can plan but only a few can execute why because when we planning just an idea is enough when we need to execute that Idea you need to give all your time, you need a lot of resources to start the plan.

Success is possible when you spend valuable things like your hard work and your time and dedication. Every process has some requirements to process. Everyone has hurdles in their journey. Those who overcome the hurdles can reach their goal. the planning is just like entering the gate. After you enter the gate you need to cross many hurdles to reach your goal. everyone wants to be successful, but no one wants to learn from failure which is important to succeed.

You can be a winner or loser.
It depends on you. When you accept your failure you are the loser. When you never give up on your dreams because of your failure and still trying to reach your goal. One day you will be the winner.

All the best 


Thursday, November 5, 2020


The girls are similar like the fire. They have the power to heal you  and they can create you or rebuilt you  and they have a power to destroy you.

Girls are the healer :

If you have the right person in your life they can heal you from the pain, whatever the pain you  may have in your life and They can fill your heart with glory and happiness and they can give will power to win anything which you need. When your stuck in coolest place only the fire can give you a hope to live. Its not just fire it is a source of living     

Girls are the candle:

They  can be candle light, though it small it can give you a hope and the small candle light can help you to overcome the darkness. Like a candle they will melt themselves to give to a light.    If you choose the right person in your life they can bright up your life with light from dark. It can be the light in life forever.

Girls are destroyer :
If you  mislead them they can  destroy you. It will lead the disaster in your life they can give worst pain in your life.

 The girls can be  angel or devil. You can make the worst devil as good angel and you can make the good angel as worst devil.

They can good angel and worst devil, it depends on  how you treat them. They can be the light in life forever. They  can protect you, they can heal you and even they  can destroy. But  never underestimate them. 

                                                   ALL THE BEST


Monday, November 2, 2020


The Eagle is the king of the sky. When it rains  all the birds will fly to a nearby tree to avoid the rain, but the Eagle will fly above the clouds to avoid the rain. You may think that eagle is king of the sky, they don't have an enemy, but there is one bird who is considering an eagle has its enemy. 

The crow will hit with its beak on the eagle's neck the eagle has more power than crow. The eagle can break the crow's neck in a single hit with its beak. Normally, all the birds will fight back, but the Eagle will not you do anything. It acts in a manner that it doesn't want to waste is power in simple thing. It just flew above the sky

It has a power to kill that crow on the sky itself, but that eagle had another plan. When we compare the power of crow is nothing when compared to eagle The Eagle has taken a decision that it will fly higher and higher. When the Eagle starts to fly higher  and higher after a particular limit the crow struggles to breathe because after a certain range normal birds cannot breathe except the eagle so the crow has to give up  or it should died from lack of oxygen.

The Eagle actually don't want to waste its time and the power and it does not want to prove his powerfulness with the crow. In your life the problem may hit you, just keep on forwarding towards your goal at a particular limit the problem will give up and it will disappear like  snow in a rising Sun. Be like an Eagle know its power, but it don't waste and  it just focuses on its goal. You can be the person like an eagle or you may be the person who stick in the same problem for a long time. The choice is yours?

                                               ALL THE BEST


Sunday, October 25, 2020


Everyone may know the  life of the ant. The ant is  a hard worker and as you known  it  will be working in the summer and it will enjoy the  benefits in winter. But  when the ants  have faced the blocks  in their life, it never try to break that block. Everyone  would have faced the problem in your life. But  the solution for  the problem will differ from one person to another everyone will have different perceptions to resolve the problem.

Everyone has their own perception and their own way to resolve the problem. When you try to  resolve the problem some can resolve the problem or some people may stuck with that problem. Do you ever notice the ants, do you ever think that  what the ant will do, you know what and never try to break the problem when something is blocking its way it's never try to break it, they  just skip it and  try to get a new way so that its life is marching  towards its goal.
When you got a problem in their life. Some peoples try to break a problem  and they may get stuck to it and  few may have capable to break the problem which comes in their life. When they try to break the problem which they face they wasting their  precious time. Some peoples were stuck and they were unable to come up.
 Only few people are like the ant and they don't want to waste their time on the unwanted things. When something is blocks their way they are finding a new way. They are skipping the problem like an ant and marching  toward their goal. You can be the be the brilliant like an ant and or or you can be the person who want to break the block and waste your time. The choice is yours?

                                                      ALL THE BEST


Wednesday, October 7, 2020


The life without problems, it's like a clock running without a needle when you don't have a problem in your life there is nothing.  When the clock doesn't have needles it  cannot show the correct time even its running perfectly without the needle it has no use its similar like it's not running.

 When you don't have a problem in your life  you  won't have  the power  to withstand  and you will be in  lack of  energy.

 When you face the problem in  your life, you will try to overcome that problem. You will become the person who can withstand  similar kind of problem 
 Until  you see new problems which is bigger than previous problem you can handle.

 If you see new problem in life  you can grow your strength. The problem which you face will help you to improve your  thinking power which will be like, you can withstand many problems after facing that problem.

 When you don't have any problem in your life you will be in lack of thinking  and your brain don't want to think. The problem in your life is like the needle in a clock when the problem arises it shows your range

If you didn't  face any insult in your life you would even think about improving your life. The insult which you faced will help to build as a new person with power to handle any problem

When you think something is enough for you then you  stop growing. If you stop grow, you cannot improve your life. Then you will be stuck in your life with no further improvement.

The only person who can help you is yourself. If you want yourself in better place fight with your life and come out with success. If you don't need yourself in a better place you no need fight with your life further you can end your life with nothing.The choice is yours?


Wednesday, September 30, 2020


When you start to travel you may have a much pains in your journey when you have a pain definitely there will be a path. Everyone is moving towards their goal, Life has to move towards a some destiny. In this journey  some may be successful in their life some may may not if they didn't succeed is it mean that they can succeed it which means that they  need some time to build them to reach toward their goal. The only thing which you  need to know is you have believe yourself.  

In the middle of journey some peoples  would have an idea give up when they didn't reach their success. Failure never reaches you until, you have no idea to give up  
Success is not a big deal, when you never give up and  when you believe  yourself  that you can  do it  which means you are incorrect path. Its the own path which will  lead to the success 

Accept the pain and just move forward towards the goal. Never think about the pain that is going to hurt. You might get the pain which can break you into pieces and that pain will make   you think that you  cannot do this anymore. Everything stops when you want to give up. Even if you have a pain and you don't want to give up your struggling and willing to travel  with pain and you want continuing your path with pain towards success

No one can estimate you. The only person who can estimate you is yourself
You can be the person you may be a winner or loser   it comes to you when the person in you want to achieve you can achieve. When the person in you wants to lose you will lose. The choice is yours?

Friday, September 25, 2020


Every bird can fly, but only few birds can travel from one continent  to another continent. Every bird as a wing, but how  when a normal Bird flies for a certain distance if  its wings get tired and it feels the pain in the wings so that the normal bird decides to stop flying and decides to take a rest in the tree which is nearby.

 When the some special birds which can fly from one continent to another continent from starting of the journey  it has to flap, it's wing and it's never stops till it reaches destiny. In the journey which the bird travel the bird has to go through the open sea the birds wings would give pain like the bones broken for every flapping. In the sea  there is nothing, absolutely only the sea, there is a no place to rest.

 It's wing would give him the several pain birds cannot stop it never stops and it never gives up until until it reaches destiny it is like a do or die if you want to give up it should be dying in the sea which may be the which will lead the  bird has  prey to some fish.

When the special Bird accept the pain and marches  toward that destiny it can reach it has to continue with the pain and the struggle to reach the land but it never stops its flapping feathers it continuous its flight some peoples are like the bird they want to fly from one continent to another continent but when they feel the pain they stops flying. The decisions which they take in a pain it stops their journey. Some people like a special bird they never decisions to stop the journey. If you took decisions to continue even in your pain  it will reach you the victory we can be like a normal bird or like some special Bird the choice is yours?