Sunday, August 25, 2019


In this world has many stone,But not every stones become diamond.The stone which bears heat of volcanic eruptions.One day will be most valuable diamond.Even the stone has struggles,When we bear the heat of the struggles , failures ,But keep on moving in your way .The struggle you face will make you harder.One day you are going to glitter like a diamond.

Even an iron ore is treated with heat, Do you why when we get an iron crust from earth, it's not hard and it worth for nothing, When heated iron ore is iron is extracted from ore then becomes strong ironNever give up, when you face struggles, its like heating the ore, one day you will be extracted from failure and negative vibes and you will be achieving success

Every one may say that you are losing, if you lose a wealth you are a loser in this world. if you lost everything in your life, no one will be ready to help you. If a fighter in you is still alive nothing is over. Everything will begin when you ready to fight back.

Nothing is over when you are still breathing

Remember  "Nothing is over when you are still breathing".You can try again and again until  you feel you have achieved it.


Friday, August 23, 2019


Life is like travelling and its like a sailing a boat sailing without any supportYou have to move with the flow and you have no idea you may have to go through a thunderstorm, powerful ocean wavesheavy rain.You have no idea what will happen next ,only you can do is you to face it  Be ready for it.

Powerful wave which can make  the ship to sink and  think about the sailing boat it can smash sailing boat into  pieces and  thunderstorm and heavy rain can make the situation worst.

Rain is one of the gift from nature,its  previous and its one of source for living.Actually rain is blessing when you are in the land and it will change your opinions when  you are in the sea .Rain is  curse it make your day worst when you are in sailing boat in the sea .Everything will change when you keep on moving.Keep one thing in mind the struggle which you faced have to end one day.

 Life is like travellingits changes when you move on.Keeping on moving.

You don't know who will protect you or who wants to destroy you. You may have everyone in your success they may appreciate you, But in your failure no-one will help you, everyone may leave you alone with no reasonIt changes when you move on in your lifeIf you struggle very hard that mean you are going to achieve something which none can achieveAccept your pain, the pain which made you struggle will help you build your empire.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF  future will be yours

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Everyone might  have to face the ups and downs in their life, Every one has struggles in their life but some may find victory in it and some may find only failure in it.But life always tries to teaches something to every one.If you want win in your life .First be ready to learn  from it.

Some may have to travel in path full of roses or some may have to travel in path full of thorns and stones , you may feel that person who has path in roses like their living in heaven, if  they win also its not victory,But those who travel in path of thorns and stone they will struggle, it will make them harder they will one day they will find the victory.They have achieved victory with history,Only those can have pride of victory.

Animal can live in forest as we known that lion is king of forest.Everyone may want to live like lion as king.But in desert none can survive,Only camel can survive,it has very hard life it may walk in pride that i' m struggle here,But others can't even breath in this.In  easy path everyone can survive,but in hard path only  few can survive.Everyone life is unique and living as lion as easy ,but living as camel in desert is ultimate,because no one can travel in the desert expect the camel.Every one  has unique life  and every one has to face their struggling in their life if you want reach victory. Don't compare yourself with anyone

Be unique in your life

Thursday, August 15, 2019


  • Independence is day we got freedom for our nation.To get this independence many freedom fighter sacrificed their lives.We knew that many people have struggled for freedom among them Sikhs did their part beyond their limit .For us border is a border which separates two countries, But for the people who live near the border its life or death and people lives in border was first victim to terrorist.In Andaman express 21 April 2015, we reached Pathankot Cantt in Punjab and we also went to the golden temple the holy place for Sikhs, there all the people are treated equally by them.

  • There i met an old woman was alone i asked her about her family she said that her husband was died in Kargil war and her son was died in a terrorist attack and she was crying and said in a pride that they died to protect our mother land.I saw her eyes it was saying that their family did something for our nation.I have heard about the bravery of the Sikhs.But now i found that the Sikh woman was more brave than Sikh men they knew that their husband or son may die.But they send their husband and son to protect our nation.Most of the Sikhs men were in army every one said Sikhs are brave,But the sacrifice of the Sikh woman has a no word to explain.Their turban is like crown for them now i found they are real kings.They don't need any credits they just want to protect our country.
  • They have sword with them because sword has the memory of their forefathers, who struggled to protect them and they believe that the holy spirit bless them when they have a sword with them. I have never seen such patriotic people. They did beyond their limit and they did their best to fight back.And old woman said that she only has a grandson, and she wants him to join the military. If one die in their family in war, another person from their family join the military. In each of their home at least a person join the army to serve the nation.

                                                             Happy independence day 

                                        Salute for the fighters.