Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Life is a struggle for every living. As you known that cat is cute and it cannot attack any big predator. Do you know what, if the cat was attacked by predator even though it cannot defeat the predator. But it will fight back. Do you know why it's about do or die? Life is always given a chance to everyone to achieve to something. You may accept it or reject it, But you have to face it.
Even the cat can't do anything against the predator, it can only struggle. It doesn't have any idea about winning with the predator.You may not win in the struggle, but the struggle you faced will tell your stories.You may have scars in the struggle, but it will speak you how hard you are.

The struggles you faced in your life will make you stronger, it will lead to new ways. If you want to reject your chance.Even a alive fish will Move forward against running water to reach its destiny. But it is very difficult to move. The struggles you face will say that you are marching forward. Only dead fish moves with a flow, it will go as the water flows.Don't flow with the stream,Don't be the person who moves in a flow, don't mix up with the crowd /the flow of the stream.
Instead, you can choose a life which may have many struggles, But one day you take yourself to your destination only through the struggles. And the choice is yours.