Saturday, May 30, 2020


The life of the Chinese bamboo is start with nothing. The normal plant it will grow within 4 weeks but this Chinese bamboo it takes almost long time. Its nothing for first year, and there is nothing in the second year also nothing until it reaches 5 years, after the fifth year it starts growing and that to it grows up to 90 feet within a six weeks of the time it is too fasting but do you know what why the plant take so much of time this plant initially the plant to go this many years to build its root.

In this world everyone want to see the result, but no one is ready to see your hard work they don't know about your hard work, dedication and preparation what you did exactly  like the "Chinese bamboo". It did the hard work and dedication like for 5 years finally one day reach point where no one can reach it.

Some people might have seen only failures in their life. If they cannot win in few attempts  its not  that they can't win. One day they can reach to height where can no one reach that height because they are like Chinese bamboo they are absolutely nothing for the first five years. You have no idea about the first five years of the Chinese bamboo, some peoples are like that you have no idea about them what they did how they came how was their part and how they struggled in their life to reach.

You can't even breathe in the path where they came from that much hard it was. The path which they traveled will  make them more stubborn Never  give up until you reach. One day they can reach that victory. Their victory would be just beyond limit which you never think about that. Stay focused  until you reach your height.