Sunday, July 12, 2020


Life of an Eagle is not easy as we think.Eagle is king of sky it does not get that name easy. It as many struggles and hard path in life.

Everyone might say that if it's rain all the birds find place to hide from the rain, but the eagle will fly above the cloud to prevent the rain. Actually do you know how this Eagle get the power to fly above the sky. Even eagle  life starts with struggling. After a certain time Eagle mother stop will feed young eagle. The young Eagle will starve for food and eagles nest will be too tall from the ground. So the young eagle has two choice its has to die in starve for food or need to take his First Flight. The Eagles nest will be very high it's good to be like on the top of the Mountain or to be like a top of the Thorns trees. Only hope is that they have wings which will make his first flight. After the first flight Eagle knows how to flight.

After 40 years eagle has to take tough decision in his life. It has two choice it is can die without trying, or it has face many struggles. The Eagle has to knock his beak in the rocks Until It Breaks. After a certain time eagle has faced another problem that eagle has to peel his leg nail with his own beak which will be led to bleeding and most painful and without those leg nails eagle can't capture the prey. Then leg nails will grown again. And it has to face another struggle that it has to plug all his feathers which grown at the time of birth its harrowing and it says "My pride comes from my struggles" . The Eagle has take the toughest decision to live up to 30 years and in this some eagle might die because some eagle unable to bare the pain. After the biggest struggles in his life. It gets the pride has king of the sky. Life will be struggling it like do or die. Life begins with the struggle which that Eagle faced will make that Eagle powerful more confident that confident gives the Eagle to fly above the clouds. If we are facing the struggle in life which means one day we can fly in High Like eagle as a king in the sky.


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