Tuesday, June 30, 2020


The journey is travel about what you need in your life. It has many ups and downs in his way, not every one can understand your journey and do not try to prove yourself to anyone how much struggled you faced, hard work you have done, and how much effort you have putted known only by you is not by the others.
If you are trying to prove something to someone you are insulting yourself. The journey has move with or without some person. You have to believe in you, not in others. You may need little hope from someone when you're in struggles. Small hope from person who believed you can pavĂ© way to do what you want.

Journey which you travel in your life will lead a path what you need, but you have to believe it. You have move on until you reach your success. Life is not about your success it's about journey what you have traveled your life. The path of success is always with hard path. If you want to reach success you have to cross the hard path.

You can reach your success if you follow this "My life is not easy,I'm not going to leave it too easy". Never lose your hope.something will happen to help you believe in it.

                                                                                                                                             -  Mr.Nothing

Thursday, June 25, 2020


The light is source of energy for all the living being. The light gives the beginning in their life.The sunlight give power for living being in this world. Life is like a sea it is beautiful to see, really it does not have a different story. If you are in the deep sea you can't see any pieces of  land there will be only full water its only color of blue will be surrounded around you. You can't call anyone for help and no one will know where your are? It means you have to struggle every second to live.

There will be full of water but you can't drink that water. If you stuck in deep sea it's not the good place it is surrounded by storms and heavy rain, strong winds. You have struggle a lot to hold your life in a sea with nothing. A person has faced all this struggle in his life, and continuous swimming for three days to save his life. You might think that he is very strong, and he is capable, and you might think that he would have a good stamina but its nothing like that. In the deep blue he saw a small light though it was small light it gave him a hope.

The light came from lighthouse though light was small its visible for long distance. After seeing that light he got hope to live, and he struggles to move, but he was swimming forward to shore though he was exhausted and finally reached the shore. 

What would happen if he might not see that light. He might lose his hope to live, and he might have died in sea itself . Everyone has a struggle in their life, but only few sees the light which gives them a hope. You can be a light for someone in your life. The light which they can see from you will help them to lead their life towards success.

If you want to give the better life to someone you no need to give your wealth or not your money. Just tell them that "You can and I know you will succeed one day." These words which will give them a hope to achieve success in their life. If they succeed in their life, and they did not realize because of you, they had achieved it and do not expect for the credits for what you have done.The light never expects anything from anyone , its just shines and expects nothing.

Let you be light in someone's life.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Life is like a marathon some people think that life is race, and they try to finish soon.So, they might use their full power, hard work, and dedication to move with speed in their life. The life is full of ups and downs with twist and turns those people who want finish soon might get exhausted, and they have no power to continue their journey

Life is like a marathon it is not about reaching the success it is about the journey you have a travel if cannot run you try to walk if you cannot walk try crawl But keep moving.

In the journey to success you might have failed in reaching the success, but it's not yet over when your still trying, and you never want to quit after you knowing that you cannot win anymore.You may fail in reaching the success. But the decision what you took will speak  your pride about the travel you faced it is bigger than success.


Goal is which you want to make. It won't come unless you start the journey.Journey which you started cannot be understood by everyone because what you need is not known by all only by you. Everyone can understand your goal not your journey.

In the starting of the journey certain people may support you but if you lose in first try they lose hope on you and when you try for second time there will be only some people who support you but if you lose the second try.and you still trying again if you lose in third try, you won't have anyone to support after a certain time there will be no one to support you for your goal remember no one will be with you till the journey, but the journey has to go on focus on your goal at the certain time some people might leave you alone some may make you to feel like your looser and you are not worth for it. the success cannot be achieved instantly, it is a long journey, we have to travel in hard path, and we have crossed many huddles. Just prepare your mind to travel alone. You may lose someone in the middle on your journey it will hurt you  and it might distract from your goal.

After a certain of time you are nothing you won't have anyone to support you anymore. The only one person who can support you who can heal you who can rebuild you can lift you from struggle and the person is always readying to help you.you meet him in a mirror it's you.only you can rebuild you no one can do it. "BELIEVE  IN YOURSELF"


Saturday, June 20, 2020


Every one has to face the situation which can knock you down, And the failure which you faced will may make you to feel like that you cannot win. Its like the fire will put off when wind blows It happens when you fail and you never want to get up and fight back. Everyone has this problem, but those who can stood up after facing many failures the never give up.



Some people  want to travel in path to reach their goal when they face many failure in their life ,those people are like the forest fire it start to grows when wind blows when the wind blows the normal fire will quit but not forest fire used grow brightly with spread it flame widely.Those people are like the forest fire they never quit when we face the failure in their life ,they will  do something to continue their  travel till they reach the success.

The failure which can break you down into pieces if you want  success in your life you have to reassemble the pieces which scattered from the failure. Learn from failure and think if  what made you to failure  if  your plan is perfect, then think about where the mistake is. Start  your travel with solution for mistake which you did before.


When you have inner fire to do something to reach success nothing can stop it because it's like forest fire it cannot be put off it will destroy the block in his path and create its own path toward the goal. Nothing can quit until it reach the goal.

Never quit your inner fire the inner fire in you which can lead to path which you need.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Ant is the smallest creature and it's known for hard work. Ant eat will eat sugar, grain some time dead insect. If the small ant bit a person it will make human to feel  irritants because ant venom consist of  formicinae . If the same ant is eating the dead rat.If that ant bit a person it causes more pain than the normal one because that ant believed that it can eat the dead rat which is beyond its size. The decision which that ant made, gave the power to ant to eat that rat.

Ant has taken a decision that is doing hard work in summer and enjoying the benefits of hard work in winter. We will get the benefits based on your decision is to be clear in your decision. The decision which you take will make you to lead to happy life.

Ant got the power to eat that rat when it believed him. Your power come when you  start to believe yourself.  Every one is running in their life to fulfill their life.  You can  reach your goal when you started to  believe yourself"


Saturday, June 13, 2020


The decision what you take in your life can change your life. But your decision should be like a black. You may think black is not a good color. The glittering stars which is diamond in the sky, and blue moon's beauty absolutely nothing without dark sky. The dark sky made stars, and moon look beautiful.

Some may think that white is pretty, but white is depend on seven color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And when some color mixed with white it will change to another color, and it loses its characteristics. Some people are like white color they lose their individuality when they a face struggle in their life, they will change their goal like the white, The black color will not change its color when its mixed with any other color. The black color will be same, it will absorb all the color and remain as the same color black. A Few person like the black they never change their goal even they face many struggles in their life than any other. Those people will focus on their goal till they reach it.

The decision you took should like be black  never change your decision. Every one has problems in their life problem, it will come and go like guest some time it may stay with you for long time, but never loses your hope.

Make your path like black that no one can change it and no one can stop it from its destination. Just focus on your goal!


Wednesday, June 10, 2020


In this life everyone has to take some decision, from the small living being  to the biggest creature has to take some decision. Every one likes the success in our life, but before reaching that, we need to take a  decision. Everyone has to face the situation  to take decision in few minute which will make your life turn into up side down that is what we called as turning point.

The decision which you made it should be like the clear sky. Every one life was surrounded by worries and sorrows its like passing cloud which is trying to  knock down your confident. The passing clouds will try to surround the sunlight. But it can't hide brightness of sun. Every one has worries and Sorrow in their life and every one would have faced it,But remember its just a passing cloud when you are strong with your decision.

The clear decision is like sun shine the cloud would make dark, But it cannot be prolonged. No one cannot stop sun shine. The decision which you made in  your life it may lead to a smooth way or touch ways, but choice is your?. You would take decision without knowing the impact of decision and do it without suggestion which will lead to path may be to failure or success. The decision which you made yourself will pave way for your happiness and sorrow Before taking any decision in your life think before you act.

Remembers Best future cannot be created without hard past. 

When you are life is hard then your future will be bright. Focus on your life though it is hard it will pave way to victory. One day you will rise with bright life.

All the best!                                                                                                                       -Mr.Nothing

Monday, June 1, 2020


Caterpillar is a small worm its life cycle start with eat Green Leaves. After a  certain time it will make his nest to start its new life. It is transformation of caterpillar to wonderful butterfly. The caterpillar has to struggle a lot to come out from the nest which will be harrowing. After reaching out from the nest from the nest it can spread his wings to fly.

 In between this life there is a struggle,when we are in the struggle, we need someone to rescue from the struggle, but very few overcome the struggle without any support.
Actually this what happened to the butterfly, when it was struggling to come out. But it was unable to come out from nest. One man who saw this, and he found a butterfly needs help.So, he helped the butterfly from the nest carefully, after some time the butterfly came out. After a few days the butterfly was not able to fly, he found that something is wrong with this butterfly and also, he was very anxious about the butterflies First Flight, Later he reached zoologist,  and he explained everything they said that the butterfly will struggle to come out from nest then it can spread its wings. You have thought that you have helped that butterfly but really you are not, You have spoiled the butterflies' life. Think before you act. If he would do nothing that butterfly would have flown successfully.

If that butterfly was struggled it would  have struggled only for that time after the certain time it can fly peacefully. You have released that butterfly without any struggle, it which made that butterfly cannot fly for its lifetime. In this world if we are in a struggle we want someone to help us actually like butterfly.

Remember one thing if you got help from someone you can solve the problem, But after sometime if you receive another problem you will need others. It won't help you for your life. It will be going like depending on someone else. If you stock your life, and you need to struggle to come out of the problem then you spread the wings like the butterfly.

                                                                                                                                                  -                                                                                                                                                              - Mr.Nothing