Thursday, June 25, 2020


The light is source of energy for all the living being. The light gives the beginning in their life.The sunlight give power for living being in this world. Life is like a sea it is beautiful to see, really it does not have a different story. If you are in the deep sea you can't see any pieces of  land there will be only full water its only color of blue will be surrounded around you. You can't call anyone for help and no one will know where your are? It means you have to struggle every second to live.

There will be full of water but you can't drink that water. If you stuck in deep sea it's not the good place it is surrounded by storms and heavy rain, strong winds. You have struggle a lot to hold your life in a sea with nothing. A person has faced all this struggle in his life, and continuous swimming for three days to save his life. You might think that he is very strong, and he is capable, and you might think that he would have a good stamina but its nothing like that. In the deep blue he saw a small light though it was small light it gave him a hope.

The light came from lighthouse though light was small its visible for long distance. After seeing that light he got hope to live, and he struggles to move, but he was swimming forward to shore though he was exhausted and finally reached the shore. 

What would happen if he might not see that light. He might lose his hope to live, and he might have died in sea itself . Everyone has a struggle in their life, but only few sees the light which gives them a hope. You can be a light for someone in your life. The light which they can see from you will help them to lead their life towards success.

If you want to give the better life to someone you no need to give your wealth or not your money. Just tell them that "You can and I know you will succeed one day." These words which will give them a hope to achieve success in their life. If they succeed in their life, and they did not realize because of you, they had achieved it and do not expect for the credits for what you have done.The light never expects anything from anyone , its just shines and expects nothing.

Let you be light in someone's life.


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