Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Ant is the smallest creature and it's known for hard work. Ant eat will eat sugar, grain some time dead insect. If the small ant bit a person it will make human to feel  irritants because ant venom consist of  formicinae . If the same ant is eating the dead rat.If that ant bit a person it causes more pain than the normal one because that ant believed that it can eat the dead rat which is beyond its size. The decision which that ant made, gave the power to ant to eat that rat.

Ant has taken a decision that is doing hard work in summer and enjoying the benefits of hard work in winter. We will get the benefits based on your decision is to be clear in your decision. The decision which you take will make you to lead to happy life.

Ant got the power to eat that rat when it believed him. Your power come when you  start to believe yourself.  Every one is running in their life to fulfill their life.  You can  reach your goal when you started to  believe yourself"


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