Saturday, June 20, 2020


Every one has to face the situation which can knock you down, And the failure which you faced will may make you to feel like that you cannot win. Its like the fire will put off when wind blows It happens when you fail and you never want to get up and fight back. Everyone has this problem, but those who can stood up after facing many failures the never give up.



Some people  want to travel in path to reach their goal when they face many failure in their life ,those people are like the forest fire it start to grows when wind blows when the wind blows the normal fire will quit but not forest fire used grow brightly with spread it flame widely.Those people are like the forest fire they never quit when we face the failure in their life ,they will  do something to continue their  travel till they reach the success.

The failure which can break you down into pieces if you want  success in your life you have to reassemble the pieces which scattered from the failure. Learn from failure and think if  what made you to failure  if  your plan is perfect, then think about where the mistake is. Start  your travel with solution for mistake which you did before.


When you have inner fire to do something to reach success nothing can stop it because it's like forest fire it cannot be put off it will destroy the block in his path and create its own path toward the goal. Nothing can quit until it reach the goal.

Never quit your inner fire the inner fire in you which can lead to path which you need.


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