Thursday, July 30, 2020


The big tree which comes from  the small seed. When the seed grows, it emerge from the soil like it is breaking that soil popping out. When it emerges out. It spread its leaves when it was a small plant it can be eaten by some animals, but once when it struggles and grows as a tree it leaves peacefully.
When it came out of the soil to show its proud and later it became a plant after a lot of struggles it rises up even if someone cut the entire tree, then too it never gives up until its root are still in the soil. 
Even it only has root it is still ready to create it again. Most of us are like the seed we came out of the struggle as a plant. When we be growing successfully if someone broke it, we will try to struggle, then we will become like a tree. But if we lost our confidence, we can't grow up, but when you are strong in your root like that tree in your desire you will grow up whoever may cut you down but still you can grow.

When the root is still alive then it regrows because it never gives up. It starts its journey even when they destroy it to the core, but when the root is still in the soil, it is ready to regrow to rebuild it but never give up. If we have a strong desire in the heart.
When the seed is coming out of the soil and started to struggle till they reach the point as a tree. People may start the journey and they reach as a tree, but when they are fully destroyed, there some people lose their capability to regrow. But some people are like that root when they have a strong desire in the heart, even when they are fully destroyed, they never give up and start to rebuild themselves.The tree never gives up it spreads its seeds around the way and makes the entire land, it's path even if it can't achieve it never gives up so why should we quit.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


The path is which gives a right way to travel when you create a path, don't make any mistake because your son and your grandson is waiting to follow your path so don't lead the way to the failure.Create a greater path which leads you through the throne and stones and you has to struggle to create a path thought it is a difficult journey. If you create a path it will be helpful for many who follows your way.
When you are creating a path you might not know why you are creating it you maybe a selfish.You may be trying to create a history, but your generation is ready to follow you. They are observing how you did it and they want to take you as the role model. So you should give them a good lesson and try hard.

Even if you create a small path to them, they can develop that and travel into that. Only the creator knows the hardest to Create the path.Following it is not for pride, but you are doing your duty. Which is you have to create a path for many people for them you are the inspiration. The path may be a difficult one, but remember if you have created a path it will lead many people to follow you. It will be helpful for their life to fulfill their dreams.Don't stop because of failure if you stop they may not able to continue.

When you create you may have to face many problems and struggles to continue. But remember because you have created a good path they are going to enjoy their days and going to get a good life. So if you stop at some point it is not only a failure for you it is also the failure for the people who are going to follow you in the future.
Your followers may  stuck in a travel show them the right path.

But in the future the struggle will disappear. When they reach you know that they have reached  because of the struggles which you faced because you are the creator just give them a good way which can lead you to success or you have given them a better lesson how you have struggled and it will give them a new inspiration for them to start a journey from where you have left.

Friday, July 24, 2020


Aquarium fish never knows the beauty of the sea.
Aquarium fish doesn't want to move in their life they think their life is in the aquarium. They get food and it lives in temporary happiness it does not get the permanent happiness.It will give the happiness, but it is the fact that it is only a temporary happiness. But the fish which lives in the sea have a good life, even it has struggled, but it has a long way into the big ocean they can travel from one shore to another shore. They can spend their life by travelling and spend their life happily and their life is precious for them.
Some people are like the fishes which lives in the aquarium they don't want to move on they get everything it might seem like a heaven, but when the time comes they have to change or else they won't have time to change when they want to change.

Like the aquarium fish some people are stuck in their lives they have a beautiful future. But in fact, they don't know about the beautiful sea. They are stuck by their personal problems and families and many issues so if you want to achieve something just go ahead.Don't get stuck with the small problems, but everyone has their own problems, but don't let it affect your family nor your passion for something.Because when you stuck because of your family situation or something else by leaving your passion or your dream that means you are one of the aquarium fish. You have to live your entire life in that aquarium. When the people are ready to fight with their struggles you become the fish which lives in the sea so don't give up. You can be the fish in the sea or the fish in the aquarium the choice is yours. All the best.


Monday, July 20, 2020


Only the hardest climb can give you the most beautiful view in life. If you want to see the beautiful view then you have to start climbing harder. The best view comes only after the hardest climb when you start to climb you may feel the pain, but without any struggle you can't get the beautiful view.

Everyone can start the journey, but they can climb the first step easily, but when they reach to the certain height then they lose their hope to travel. When you're going to climb there will be stones and thorn's or it may does not have any path, but then too you have to climb if you want to reach the best view.When you climb you have many trees that you have to grab and many rocks that you have to climb but you have to keep on travelling. You may not have a good path or maybe there will not be a so called path, but you have to climb through rocks.There will be no support for you to hold or any safety measures to prevent you from falling. You might have to travel without any water or food to reach when you feel that the water and food is important for you then you can't climb. You might have taken water with you, but it might not be sufficient for you after a certain time. You may not have water to drink, but you have to face it.

If you want to continue your travel you have to travel without water and food you may have lost your energy, but if you didn't lose your hope you can continue your travel. Many people try to travel, but when they reach a certain limit they exhausted and need water and food and their thinking is different and they can't climb.

When you want to reach to the top of the mountain you need to climb with or without food or water.
If you want to reach to the top of the mountain you have to face hurdles. That's what, why not everyone can travel not everyone can achieve in their life. Some are ready to give up on their life when they face their temporary problems in their life, but when stubborn people face it they never want to quit. Who never want to give up can see the beautiful  view only after the hard climb.


Saturday, July 18, 2020


 In your life you may have a good support in your travel in your life, but in the middle of your life you may lose someone's help in your life. Remember when you through the darkness even your shadow will not follow you even it disappears in a certain point, then how could be someone else can be with you in your life.

 They can support you if you want to achieve something, just try to reach it by your own because no one is ready to help you out.Anything might happen while you are in your journey. If you have someone with you for your support then you might have a fear of losing them, but when you start alone in that place you might not have any fear.

During your travel if you lose them in the middle of the journey you might stop believing in you. You might have believed them that they would support you and helping you to find the whole journey.
Sometimes if they fail to support you, you'll be lost  and you will be stopped. Later, you won't have any confidence to start your journey further, this is what happens when you travel with someone's support. But when you travel alone, you don't need to fear about anything because if you did it with others they can stop you or hold you.So you have to move on without any ones support because even your shadow will disappear when you are dark.


Sunday, July 12, 2020


Life of an Eagle is not easy as we think.Eagle is king of sky it does not get that name easy. It as many struggles and hard path in life.

Everyone might say that if it's rain all the birds find place to hide from the rain, but the eagle will fly above the cloud to prevent the rain. Actually do you know how this Eagle get the power to fly above the sky. Even eagle  life starts with struggling. After a certain time Eagle mother stop will feed young eagle. The young Eagle will starve for food and eagles nest will be too tall from the ground. So the young eagle has two choice its has to die in starve for food or need to take his First Flight. The Eagles nest will be very high it's good to be like on the top of the Mountain or to be like a top of the Thorns trees. Only hope is that they have wings which will make his first flight. After the first flight Eagle knows how to flight.

After 40 years eagle has to take tough decision in his life. It has two choice it is can die without trying, or it has face many struggles. The Eagle has to knock his beak in the rocks Until It Breaks. After a certain time eagle has faced another problem that eagle has to peel his leg nail with his own beak which will be led to bleeding and most painful and without those leg nails eagle can't capture the prey. Then leg nails will grown again. And it has to face another struggle that it has to plug all his feathers which grown at the time of birth its harrowing and it says "My pride comes from my struggles" . The Eagle has take the toughest decision to live up to 30 years and in this some eagle might die because some eagle unable to bare the pain. After the biggest struggles in his life. It gets the pride has king of the sky. Life will be struggling it like do or die. Life begins with the struggle which that Eagle faced will make that Eagle powerful more confident that confident gives the Eagle to fly above the clouds. If we are facing the struggle in life which means one day we can fly in High Like eagle as a king in the sky.


Saturday, July 11, 2020


The tree which grown by farmers. One of them has been taken good care by the farmer, he gave water and good fertilizer and protected from all the insects and he did everything in the plant. But the other tree did not get anything from the farmer which grows in the forest. It does get nothing. It gets water only it rains. Though the farmer puts all his efforts to make the tree live. But on one stormy day the plant which has been taken care of the farmer which got good water, good fertilizer and good insecticide fall down by the blow of the storm .But the plant which lived in the forest it does not serve water to grow so it has to expand its root moving it beyond the rocks in search of water  that make it stay hold rocks when the storm occurs. Because it never gave up though it did not get the water, but it tried to get water from the nature. Some people are like that they get good enough staff and enough money when they get get everything they start to depend on others, but when they face the problem they can't withstand it. Some people do not get everything they face the huge problem but when you grow without any support you can withstand any kind of situation or problem.

Some people get success in their start of their career with the help of others, but they don't know how the solve the problems they need someone's help. The people who did not get enough support, they try to fix the problem with what they have they tried to adapt to their situation. Like the tree which grow in the forest it expands its roots between the rocks to get water which made them stronger and it helps the tree to withstand how hard the wind was. So don't worry about your problems because they teach how to stay strong. One tree grows in the field, the field is soft, so it does not need to struggle the other tree grows in the forest it has full of hardness so it became stronger. The forest tree does not get enough rain only it gets water in the rainy days it observes that water and survey for other days it does not leave any chance it gets even it observe the dew. We should be like the forest tree it does not leave any opportunity it gets even it's small or big.



Life is precious .It can make you  what you want, but for that you have to think what you want to be, your opportunities should be strong like a core, you have to feel that you was born for your desire, When your determination is strong,  you will get way to reach your goals.


You have might have seen a shark in small glass pot and some may seen in sea.what  is the difference? Do you think that difference because  of genes!
You are wrong do you know why small shark which lives in glass pot  is small, it thinks that glass is his world it adapt to it, it enjoys because someone offers the food daily.When we see the sea sharks, it entire world is sea it has a lot of worlds.It has a lot of opportunities.It faces many hurdles; many overcome it became a big sharks.if you face many failures in your life cheer up you are going in a right way.Some may live like a small sharks in your life, just get out of  small pot, hit the oceans. If you do that you been a big shark one day.
Choices is yours you can be anything.



Life is clueless we doesn't known what will happened in the next second in life .Even if we don't have any idea also life wait for none.We have to move forward you may love it or hate it ,Even though we don't known our future we have to walk in our path,You may have your life like walking in thorns or you may have grass in your path

Fog will be dark until you step forward with courage, If you step in with courage the darkness will pave a way that is life.
You should have enough self-confidence and courage, first you should believe you ,no matter even your father or mother or your loved one's may not believe.You should believe you.If you do this you can achieve anything in your life.

You may don't have way to move on, Just have some hope and move on miracle  happens for every one.Hope for the best



  • LIFE: Every living being struggles.Even an ant struggles to survive ,who said ant does not have pain.Ant has courage to fights back.And they knew that they cant win,but they still fight .
  • Life cannot be planned ,And its does not have blue print to move like as you planned.Life is like flooding, its unpredictable.You can live by struggling or you may die in struggling.But your struggles speaks your pride.Be ready to achieve it.

  • Even a grass struggles in soil to live,only pain can make you strong.In a life you may love it or hate it.Be ready to face it with full courage.                                                                              

Saturday, July 4, 2020


The rainbow is beautiful with seven colors it is pretty in the sky, but the rainbow will come only after the storm. If  you  want your life to shine like  a rainbow you have to be ready to face many struggles. The rainbow will raise in a day, it's bright it vary from sunlight, but it gives unique  features of light in the sky.

The rainbow will raise when the sunlight passes through the small particles of water drop. The rainbow will appear only after a storm.If you want a rainbow to shine in your sky you have to be ready to face storms in your life. You have to go through many struggles in your life you may not have anything in your life, but it changes when you never give up. Hope does not come when you have everything in your  life. The hope should like if you have nothing also you should not accept your failure and you have to fight back till you reach your  goal.


Thursday, July 2, 2020


Life is Endless journey. It has many stages which you need travel. When you successfully completed your stage it always gives difficult stages than previous one.

In your life if you reach success definitely there will be another hurdles. When you are in child you might have thought that 50 is the biggest amount but when grown up the amount which you thought the biggest amount is nothing and when you're in teenage you might be thinking the 5,000 is the biggest amount for you after a certain times it change. It happens when you keep on moving in your life.

You may reach your goal successfully in your life. Your life will pave a way toward another goal. Your goal will be kept on changing when you achieve it.

Everyone has a problem in their life but how they faced the problem is a life its endless journey. Keep on moving in your life it may have many hurdles there will be a lot of things you need to experience it. Think in the ways which will make you better for your life.
The goal is not permanent you might have thought that goal is your destination, but it changes when you successfully completed your goal. The new life start with the rising of new goal. Goal is temporary and it changes from one day to another. The life, what you live  is depends only on your journey what you have traveled.