Friday, July 24, 2020


Aquarium fish never knows the beauty of the sea.
Aquarium fish doesn't want to move in their life they think their life is in the aquarium. They get food and it lives in temporary happiness it does not get the permanent happiness.It will give the happiness, but it is the fact that it is only a temporary happiness. But the fish which lives in the sea have a good life, even it has struggled, but it has a long way into the big ocean they can travel from one shore to another shore. They can spend their life by travelling and spend their life happily and their life is precious for them.
Some people are like the fishes which lives in the aquarium they don't want to move on they get everything it might seem like a heaven, but when the time comes they have to change or else they won't have time to change when they want to change.

Like the aquarium fish some people are stuck in their lives they have a beautiful future. But in fact, they don't know about the beautiful sea. They are stuck by their personal problems and families and many issues so if you want to achieve something just go ahead.Don't get stuck with the small problems, but everyone has their own problems, but don't let it affect your family nor your passion for something.Because when you stuck because of your family situation or something else by leaving your passion or your dream that means you are one of the aquarium fish. You have to live your entire life in that aquarium. When the people are ready to fight with their struggles you become the fish which lives in the sea so don't give up. You can be the fish in the sea or the fish in the aquarium the choice is yours. All the best.


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