Saturday, July 18, 2020


 In your life you may have a good support in your travel in your life, but in the middle of your life you may lose someone's help in your life. Remember when you through the darkness even your shadow will not follow you even it disappears in a certain point, then how could be someone else can be with you in your life.

 They can support you if you want to achieve something, just try to reach it by your own because no one is ready to help you out.Anything might happen while you are in your journey. If you have someone with you for your support then you might have a fear of losing them, but when you start alone in that place you might not have any fear.

During your travel if you lose them in the middle of the journey you might stop believing in you. You might have believed them that they would support you and helping you to find the whole journey.
Sometimes if they fail to support you, you'll be lost  and you will be stopped. Later, you won't have any confidence to start your journey further, this is what happens when you travel with someone's support. But when you travel alone, you don't need to fear about anything because if you did it with others they can stop you or hold you.So you have to move on without any ones support because even your shadow will disappear when you are dark.


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