Saturday, July 25, 2020


The path is which gives a right way to travel when you create a path, don't make any mistake because your son and your grandson is waiting to follow your path so don't lead the way to the failure.Create a greater path which leads you through the throne and stones and you has to struggle to create a path thought it is a difficult journey. If you create a path it will be helpful for many who follows your way.
When you are creating a path you might not know why you are creating it you maybe a selfish.You may be trying to create a history, but your generation is ready to follow you. They are observing how you did it and they want to take you as the role model. So you should give them a good lesson and try hard.

Even if you create a small path to them, they can develop that and travel into that. Only the creator knows the hardest to Create the path.Following it is not for pride, but you are doing your duty. Which is you have to create a path for many people for them you are the inspiration. The path may be a difficult one, but remember if you have created a path it will lead many people to follow you. It will be helpful for their life to fulfill their dreams.Don't stop because of failure if you stop they may not able to continue.

When you create you may have to face many problems and struggles to continue. But remember because you have created a good path they are going to enjoy their days and going to get a good life. So if you stop at some point it is not only a failure for you it is also the failure for the people who are going to follow you in the future.
Your followers may  stuck in a travel show them the right path.

But in the future the struggle will disappear. When they reach you know that they have reached  because of the struggles which you faced because you are the creator just give them a good way which can lead you to success or you have given them a better lesson how you have struggled and it will give them a new inspiration for them to start a journey from where you have left.

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