Wednesday, October 7, 2020


The life without problems, it's like a clock running without a needle when you don't have a problem in your life there is nothing.  When the clock doesn't have needles it  cannot show the correct time even its running perfectly without the needle it has no use its similar like it's not running.

 When you don't have a problem in your life  you  won't have  the power  to withstand  and you will be in  lack of  energy.

 When you face the problem in  your life, you will try to overcome that problem. You will become the person who can withstand  similar kind of problem 
 Until  you see new problems which is bigger than previous problem you can handle.

 If you see new problem in life  you can grow your strength. The problem which you face will help you to improve your  thinking power which will be like, you can withstand many problems after facing that problem.

 When you don't have any problem in your life you will be in lack of thinking  and your brain don't want to think. The problem in your life is like the needle in a clock when the problem arises it shows your range

If you didn't  face any insult in your life you would even think about improving your life. The insult which you faced will help to build as a new person with power to handle any problem

When you think something is enough for you then you  stop growing. If you stop grow, you cannot improve your life. Then you will be stuck in your life with no further improvement.

The only person who can help you is yourself. If you want yourself in better place fight with your life and come out with success. If you don't need yourself in a better place you no need fight with your life further you can end your life with nothing.The choice is yours?


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