Thursday, November 5, 2020


The girls are similar like the fire. They have the power to heal you  and they can create you or rebuilt you  and they have a power to destroy you.

Girls are the healer :

If you have the right person in your life they can heal you from the pain, whatever the pain you  may have in your life and They can fill your heart with glory and happiness and they can give will power to win anything which you need. When your stuck in coolest place only the fire can give you a hope to live. Its not just fire it is a source of living     

Girls are the candle:

They  can be candle light, though it small it can give you a hope and the small candle light can help you to overcome the darkness. Like a candle they will melt themselves to give to a light.    If you choose the right person in your life they can bright up your life with light from dark. It can be the light in life forever.

Girls are destroyer :
If you  mislead them they can  destroy you. It will lead the disaster in your life they can give worst pain in your life.

 The girls can be  angel or devil. You can make the worst devil as good angel and you can make the good angel as worst devil.

They can good angel and worst devil, it depends on  how you treat them. They can be the light in life forever. They  can protect you, they can heal you and even they  can destroy. But  never underestimate them. 

                                                   ALL THE BEST


Monday, November 2, 2020


The Eagle is the king of the sky. When it rains  all the birds will fly to a nearby tree to avoid the rain, but the Eagle will fly above the clouds to avoid the rain. You may think that eagle is king of the sky, they don't have an enemy, but there is one bird who is considering an eagle has its enemy. 

The crow will hit with its beak on the eagle's neck the eagle has more power than crow. The eagle can break the crow's neck in a single hit with its beak. Normally, all the birds will fight back, but the Eagle will not you do anything. It acts in a manner that it doesn't want to waste is power in simple thing. It just flew above the sky

It has a power to kill that crow on the sky itself, but that eagle had another plan. When we compare the power of crow is nothing when compared to eagle The Eagle has taken a decision that it will fly higher and higher. When the Eagle starts to fly higher  and higher after a particular limit the crow struggles to breathe because after a certain range normal birds cannot breathe except the eagle so the crow has to give up  or it should died from lack of oxygen.

The Eagle actually don't want to waste its time and the power and it does not want to prove his powerfulness with the crow. In your life the problem may hit you, just keep on forwarding towards your goal at a particular limit the problem will give up and it will disappear like  snow in a rising Sun. Be like an Eagle know its power, but it don't waste and  it just focuses on its goal. You can be the person like an eagle or you may be the person who stick in the same problem for a long time. The choice is yours?

                                               ALL THE BEST